How do I place an order?

You can place your order online via our website or download our APP which is available on IOS or Android.

How does it work?

Simple, you place your order online we will then deliver the shisha including the equipment within 45 minutes [depending on how busy we are]. We will then collect the equipment the next working day before 1pm.

I don’t smoke tobacco, do you have an alternative?

Yes, if you have a look at our menu, you will see a section for “Nicotine Free”. This is 100% tobacco free and gives you the same smoking experience.

What is the average delivery time?

At Shisha Drop we want to ensure we can transport our equipment to you as quickly and safely as possible. Therefore, we are committed in ensuring your Shisha will be with you in with 45 minutes of placing an order.

How often do you clean your pipes?

At Shisha Drop we have a strict policy on cleaning our products. After each shisha is returned, we spend time cleaning and sanitising each element of the shisha (using non harmful products). This is another reason why we emphasise that you should not use your own head/flavour in our shishas. Charges may apply if we find that our customers are abusing our equipment.

Do you provide a set-up on delivery?

Yes, we can provide a set-up on delivery, however, you must outline this at the time of order. However, please note we do not take any responsibility for where you decide to smoke. Given the regulations in the UK and smoking indoors. Please refer to our menu for charges on set-up.

Do you cater for events?

Yes, we can cater for your events. However, please note we can only do this if the environment where the shishas will be used are inline with UK smoking guidelines.

What if I damage the shisha or anything else hired?

We do understand that accidents do take place. However, the safeguarding of our assets is your responsibility. Therefore, if any elements are damaged there will be a charge for the item. Please refer top our Terms and Conditions to understand our charges.

Can I add my own flavour, or use my own bowl?

We understand some of our customers have their own bowls or flavour. However, you are not permitted to use any other flavour than the ones provided with our shishas. We understand customers disregard this, however, if this comes to light there are charges that apply.

Can you collect from a different address?

At the moment we can only collect from the address the equipment is delivered to. At Shisha Drop we want to ensure dealing with us is as convenient as possible, therefore, our supply chain team are currently exploring this element. We will keep you posted on the outcome.

Do you supply flavour only?

No, we don’t have shisha flavour available for resale. However, we do provide re-heads. Please place an order online. 

Do you have reward scheme?

Our Marketing team is currently looking into an appropriate reward scheme for our customers. We will communicate accordingly when we have this in place. Thank you for patience.

Will I need my ID for when the shisha is delivered?

Yes, our drivers have been advised to ensure they check all IDs if they have a suspicion that you maybe younger than 18. This is to ensure we are compliant to UK laws and regulations. If you fail to provide this, then our driver will bring the shisha back and you will be charged for the order accordingly. You will not receive a refund.