DO NOT keep Shisha in reach of children
DO NOT leave Shisha unattended
DO NOT light cigarettes from the coal on the Shisha
DO NOT touch charcoal with hands
Always leave your Shisha at ground level
give Shisha to individuals under the age of 18. It is against the law to supply tobacco products to under 18’s. Will ask for ID if in doubt of age and will not supply shisha to under 18’s.


UK Smoking Regulations prohibit smoking in any enclosed public places. Shisha Drop does not take any responsibility for misuse of shisha or our customers non-compliance with UK Smoking Regulations.

Shisha Drop does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to Property/Goods/Self when Shishas are with the customer.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the Shisha is returned by the agreed time, failure to do this will result in an extra charge for hire, £5 per hour. All Shishas are collected the next working day between 12pm – 2pm. Our drivers will only attempt to collect once (with pictures submitted to email address at the time of ordering). To ensure the additional charge is clear, please follow the example below for any ambiguity: Driver will attempt to collect once between 12pm – 2pm, if the pipe is then collected at 4pm (2 hours after 2pm), you will be charged £10 [£5 * 2 hours]. This charge is not discretionary therefore, when ordering with Shisha Drop you are in agreement with these charges. 

All Shishas are used for specific flavours, customers are not permitted to use their own flavours in our Shishas as this will damage and contaminate the Shisha and Hose.

Customers are liable for any damage caused to the equipment and will only be charged for each damaged item and not the whole product, as per below.
Shisha Drop asks customers to follow Health and Safety tips to prevent misuse of Shisha.

Shisha Drop does not take any responsibility for any health issues that occur as a result of smoking.

All Shishas remain the property of Shisha Drop at all times.


You are liable for any damages caused to Shisha Drop’s property.  The charges will be as per the following:

  • Shisha Unit – £50.00
  • Shisha Silicone Pipe – £10.00
  • Shisha Flavour Bowl – £10.00
  • Heat Management Unit – £3.00
  • Tongs – £2.50
  • Diamond Shisha Accessory – £7.50
  • LED Lights/Remote – £5.00
  • Shisha Wooden Base – £5.00
  • Shisha Box or Box Inserts – £5.50
  • Use Of Own Flavour/Bowl – £10.00